Preparing for an
era of innovation


Analytical Development Conclave 2022


Express Pharma, after the success of its other ventures for pharma R&D professionals like the FDD Conclave and Phama LabNext Conclave, is launching its first-ever Analytical Development (ADL) Conclave, under the theme “Preparing for an era of innovation.”

It is a platform for experts and professionals from this segment to discuss different aspects and implementation of analytical chemistry with new-age analytical techniques for increased productivity, more product efficacy, and regulatory compliance in the pharma sector.

They will also examine current trends in this field, explore proactive approaches for better results and understand the potential of emerging technologies and solutions to transform this sphere. Leaders and veterans will also look at measures to be more agile and responsive to legislation in global markets and tackle regulatory hurdles.

For the leading professionals participating in the event, it is a fabulous opportunity to get updated on advancements in analytical methods development and enhance their preparedness in dealing with future requirements of the healthcare industry.

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